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Moorlach takes stock: looking back on two decades of fiscal reform

John Moorlach owes it all to Half Dome.
The outgoing Orange County Supervisor, who has spent the past two decades reforming his county’s finances, might’ve been just some CPA with a habit of kvetching about politics.
“I went on a hike in Yosemite Valley with a friend, …

What’s a comptroller for?

Fiscal discipline, in theory, although most states could eliminate the position without having any effect whatever on their bottom lines.
According to Wikipedia (why lie?), 38 states have a Treasurer or Comptroller directly elected by the people. The advantage of an elected CFO lies in the …

Robert Citron, 1925-2013

Robert Citron, the former Treasurer of Orange County, CA, recently passed on. Citron was the figure centrally responsible for Orange County’s bankruptcy in 1994, the biggest municipal bankruptcy in history until Jefferson County, AL in 2011.
That one man could be centrally responsible for a municipal …